Com-AL Windows has been using the Engine Green filter system on its vehicles for about 5 years.

We have a variety of Isuzu FRR500 trucks, Toyota Hilux 4×4’s, Toyota 4×2 single cabs and RAV4’s in our fleet.

All of our diesel vehicles have both the oil and diesel fuel filters installed and our Petrol vehicles have only the Engine Green oil filters installed.

I also have a main backup generator onsite that has these filters installed on both oil and diesel fuel.

Our experience has been exceptional in terms of oil and fuel cleanliness and engine longevity.

A few years ago we did an engine rebuild on our 1996 Isuzu FRR500 truck and when we pulled the head off the mechanic was amazed how clean the oil channels were and just the general cleanliness of the engine.

We have since rebuilt the engine and it is exceptional in terms of reliability.

In addition to this we have tested our oil samples via Komatsu to independently check how the vehicles are doing. Our samples in 99% of cases come back as Normal unless we have a problem (ie the rebuild) and in this case the test detected coolant in the oil.

This testing process enabled the early detection of a problem and hence the Isuzu FRR500 rebuild.
We have now a wealth of knowledge built up on how we can extend our service life of the oil and how the engines perform when you extend the service interval. My experience is that you can extend the interval life of the oil between 2 and 3 times depending on the application.

I can only highly recommend Marc and Colin to you and am happy to answer and questions you might have.


Peter Terpstra| Managing Director

Com-Al Windows Pty Ltd

In 2015 representatives of WGPL were invited to meet the VP of engines at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) head office Auburn Hills Detroit.

FCA requests us to design the oil filter solution to achieving acceptable oil analysis at 20,000 miles.

In the course of evaluating this drop-in replacement oil filter in a 3.6 Pentastar engine in 300C an acceptable oil analysis was achieved at 50,000 kms extended oil and filter service.

The 300C repeated the 50,000 kms extended service and continued maximum extended service for 233,000 klms.

As the engine has always operated on aerospace oil cleanliness standard all lubricated components including piston rings and bearings will be in excellent condition at +500,000 Kms.

This revolutionary technology has subsequently been incorporated into the Protxl range of spinon oil filters that are in early production stage.


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)

Head office Auburn Hills Detroit

I purchased a new Toyota Prado in 2018. The vehicle has the updated 2.8L turbo engine. I fitted the ProtxL oil filter and fuel filter at 5,500km after driving the vehicle from Darwin to Perth. The ProtxL filter elements have been changed every 5000km. I continued with fixed price servicing for four years and at the time reached 47,800km.

Since then, I have travelled extensively and the vehicle has now done nearly 82,00km. I have not changed oil since my fixed price servicing expired and have only changed the ProtxL replacement oil element at 500km intervals and the fuel replacement element every 10,000km. I also have my oil quality checked by oil analysis and as the ProtxL system removes all contaminants in the oil, the oil analysis confirms that the oil is remaining in as new condition.

The engine never blows any smoke like most other diesels do when taking off or accelerating hard. The engine is running smoothly and outperforms other like vehicles as the piston rings are sealing properly in the bore due to clean oil throughout the engine and no buildup of carbon in the rings. The top end always gets clean fuel as the ProtxL fuel filter will remove all moisture and the fine asphaltenes from the fuel that results in wear of the injectors, all resulting in clean combustion. I also find that I have better fuel economy.

My last Landcruiser was 1995 80 series 4.2L and was sold at 1,200,00km. It had the ProtxL systems on since new and did not encounter any major repairs on the motor. I also had the systems fitted to a truck I owned and accomplished excellent results. I recommend fitting the filters to all types of road transport, generators, marine and mining equipment to extend equipment life and save money on your investment.


Colin Rynbeek | Company Director

With reference to our long term use of ProtxL oil filters and Mobil Delvac 1 synthetic oil.

Our general requirement is to take our prawn trawlers and pearling vessels to approximately 3,000 hours on the main engines without oil changes and we generally like to get 4,500 to 5,500 hours out of our auxiliary engines. This gives us one season’s operating without oil changes at our branches enabling the oil changes to be carried out at our maintenance facility in Fremantle.

We were especially surprised with our V2 92 TA & V8 TA Detroit Diesel engines that run 2,000 hours with zero soot readings and only slight soot readings occurring up to 2,500 hours. To achieve these readings when the Detroit recommendation is 150 hours with mineral oil is remarkable.

The benefits of this one season extended oil change regime are significant –

• Reduced engine service cost and far less oil to dispose of.
• Engine performance is maintained.
• Reduced repairs and maintenance.


Terry Hewitt | Engineering Manager

MG Kailis Pty Ltd


For local clients WGPL offers our  "1,000 hour try and buy" evaluation based on no risk progressive 250 hour oil analysis with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or return of ProtxLTM and don’t pay.

ProtxL filters have never been returned.

*Contact Winchester Global Pty Ltd for local customer terms and conditions