ProtxLTM Filtration Technology

ProtxLTM Filtration Technology

ProtxLTM (protects-all) bypass oil & fuel filters are designed to stop sludge, lacquer, remove particulate to <10, preserve the oil additive package (including TBN), vastly reducing ‘wear, makes more wear’ to minimise the rate of acidation and oil oxidation.

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What is meant by the term “oxidation stability” and why is it important?

Oxidation stability is a chemical reaction that occurs with a combination of the lubricating oil and oxygen. The rate of oxidation is accelerated by high temperatures, water, acids and metal catalysts such as copper and iron. The rate of oxidation also increases with time. The service life of a lubricant is therefore compromised with a combination of increases in temperature, moisture, acid formation and oxidation catalysts. Oxidation eventually leads to dangerous increases in the oil’s viscosity and deposits of varnish and sludge on engineered surfaces compromising the lubrication boundary.

“The presence of wear metals alone can cause oxidation rates to increase to five (5) times the normal rate, while the presence of water can increase the oxidation rate ten (10) times. Combined, water and metal catalysts can increase the oxidation rate fifty (50) times or more.”


– Ref USA National Tribology.

From the above statement, it is clearly seen that oxidation is the main factor affecting oil service life. Commonly used oil and fuel filters cannot effectively slowdown the oxidation process. This is why it is the commonly accepted practice to change engine oil at a mere 250- 500 hours. The inability of existing filtration to remove oxidants and slow down the oxidation process leads to accelerated cost of engine wear, reducing engine life, labour, increased repairs, and down time.

Marine Engine

Example – Caterpillar C32 ACERT 1600HP Marine Diesel Engine.

ProtxLTM filtration is used on a tugboat Caterpillar C32 ACERT 1600HP marine diesel engine. Prior to fitting ProtxL P1600 filters, engine oil and filter were changed at 500hour periods. Once a ProtxL P1600HP had been fitted, the customer using progressive 250hour oil analysis was able to confirm acceptable oil analysis at 2,000 extended engine oil hours. This customer enjoyed previously unimaginable operational cost savings.

About The Company

Fostering a Culture of Excellence and Designing Cost-Effective Filtration Systems for a Variety of Industries, Winchester Global is Your Trusted Partner for Optimising Engine Availability and Safely Reducing the Cost of Engine Service including Labour by 70%.

Winchester Global Pty Ltd, is Australiaʼs top provider of industry-leading filtration technology and has been for over two decades. Serving a range of industries, we have earned the marketʼs trust and have become the provider of choice for state-of-the-art filtration technology across the country. Our ProtxL product range brings you high-end bypass engine oil and fuel filters, designed and manufactured in Perth WA, specifically for 6-3,000Hp diesel engines. Our products are backed by years of scientific research and working with different brands of engines. You can always count on ProtxL for enhancing the engine performance in your machinery and significantly reducing cost of service and repairs to engines and hydraulics.

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For more than 20 years, our commercial and military clients have trusted the ProtxL filters to keep engine oil clean and dry, significantly extending service hours by 1,000 – 2,000 hours, a big leap from 250 hours.

Our unique filtration technology preserves the oil additive package,, so you can confidently and safely extend your service intervals. Our ProtxL spin-on P50/50 oil filter (that is the same dimensions as legacy spin on oil filters), is a drop in replacement for your engine. The ProtxL oil filters will give you extended 1000 oil and filter hours with no modifications required.. This does not void new engine warranty.

We Understand What Matters to You Most

Winchester Globalʼs ProtxL oil and fuel filtration has been designed to optimise engine availability, increase lubricated component service life by 100%, and reduces cost of engine service, labour, oil and oil disposal by 70%.


One Product With Applications Across Multiple Industries

Weʼre proud that our industry-leading ProtxL has been a preferred choice for National Defense for more than seven years. We serve multiple industries, including telecommunications, mining, marine, agriculture and power generation, hire, transport and construction. In fact, many well known Australian companies use and trust ProtxL to maintain their engine and hydraulic inventory to save money and reallocate their service personnel to more rewarding and productive activity. Use ProtxL in your business and see the difference for yourself.

Note: Using ProtxL TM does NOT void OEM engine warranty.


For local clients WGPL offers our  "1,000 hour try and buy" evaluation based on no risk progressive 250 hour oil analysis with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or return of ProtxLTM and don’t pay.

ProtxL filters have never been returned.

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