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Winchester Global Pty Ltd design and manufacture the ProtxLTM (Protects-All) product range of patented by-pass engine oil and fuel filters for 6 -3,000Hp diesel and petrol engines.

The. commercial and military clients have, for over 20 years, enjoyed significant extended service hours of between 1,000 – 3,000 (originally 250 hours) due to the unique ability of the ProtxL systems to keep in service engine oil clean and dry. This means that the oils additive package remains intact longer. This benefit allows the customers the confidence to safely extend service intervals without risk. Furthermore, independent oil analysis results show that the oil is near new on every measure at change out.

Recently the ProtxLTM spin0on P50/50 oil filter was developed as a direct replacement for the engines existing 1950’s technology full-flow spin-on filter. Extensive testing has proven that all users can achieve over 1,000 extended oil and filter hours without any requirements for rerouting or modifications to engine lubrication systems. Oil analysis during testing shows that at 1,000 hours the oil had PQ <10, Water% 0.1%, no sludge, lacquer, resin or carbon build up on piston rings.

Essentially, this results in significant financial and environmental savings.

Reduce operational expenditure on service related costs by up to 70%.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extended service intervals of 1,000 – 3,000 hours on reciprocating engines.
  • Financial savings on oil & filters and labour by 70%.
  • Environmental savings through reduced waste and cleaner running engines.
  • Improves fuel economy by 2%.
  • Extends engine lubricated component engine service life by 100%.
  • Achieve Engine least “whole of life” cost.


Note: Using ProtxL TM does NOT void OEM engine warranty